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Those who object to Petrine authorship present several arguments: (1) The quality of the Greek used in this letter, "some of the best Greek in the whole NT" (Beare), is beyond that which Peter the fisherman would have used. (2) The OT (Old Testament) quotations coming from the Septuagint would not have been used by Peter, who was partial to the Hebrew. (3) There is no mention of Paul although the letter is addressed to people in Paul's area of mission activity. (4) Many concepts are "Pauline" and thus must come from a later time.

This may help account for the quality of the language and the style [Authorship]. Designation of the Readers 1:1b Much scholarly attention has been given to the intriguing description of the intended readers: the exiles of the Dispersion in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia. Most versions of the NT render this phrase somewhat differently, especially in translating exiles (parepidemois *) and Dispersion (diasporas). Precisely who are these exiles, sojourners, refugees, or aliens? Are the terms strangers (paroikoi) and exiles (parepidemoi*)both appearing in 2:11to be taken literally, as Elliott argues in A Home for the Homeless?

I give special thanks to Rosalie Grove, who helped with computer work and copyediting. For errors that may be found, however, I carry responsibility. As shown in the dedication, I express deep gratitude to my life partner, Mary Winifred, and to our four daughters, the women in my life. May God be pleased to use this commentary for kingdom purposes of enhancing righteousness, peace, and hope. To God be all glory! ERLAND WALTNER ASSOCIATED MENNONITE BIBLICAL SEMINARY ELKHART, INDIANA Page 17 Introduction: A Letter Encouraging Christian Hope Encountering First Peter The significance of 1 Peter is out of proportion to its size.

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