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G. (1995) Twenty-four-hour blood pressure changes in young Somalian blacks after migration to Italy. A m . 3 Hypertension 8: 201-205. , et al. (1994) Evaluation ofthe SA locus in human hypertension. Hypertension 25: 6-13. , Slovis, B. et a& (1997) Localization ofthe gene for familial primary pulmonary hypertension to chromosome 2q31-32. 15: 277-281. , Kim, S. and Iwao, H. (1996) Role of angiotensin-converting enzyme, adrenergic receptors, and blood pressure in cardiac gene expression of spontaneously hypertensiverats during development.

Guthneetal. (1983); 10. Garayetal. (1980); 11. Canessaetal. (1980). Table 6. g. Table 2). g. binding properties of a protein) or by relating thesequence to known sequences in otherspecies whose gene functions have been identified, are being used more and moreoften ,but have not found unique and specific application in hypertension and blood pressure research as yet. Unfortunately, as emphasized throughoutthis chapter, the experimental conditions, the collection of additional information, the population or model organism strain used, and so on, can all impact on the interpretabilityand generalizability of anoutcomeobtainedfroma functional genomics studyand as such can contribute to context the dependency that is the hallmark feature of factors influencing hypertensionand blood pressure as well as other complex phenotypes.

One could imagine a number of associated designs,such as the dissemination of transgenic or mutagenized animalsfrom a larger stock, or thetracking of animals as in a longitudinal project organized to examine features of the development of a chronic disease. Each design would have its own obvious weaknesses, not the least of which would be the assurance of the reliability of the data put into thedatabase, as well asmanner in which thedata would bestored for intuitive and easy access. Although the dissemination of animals for research purposes is hardly unprecedented, the coordination of research results in, for example, a comprehensive database, and theglobal motivation for the studies would be.

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A histone H3K36 chromatin switch coordinates DNA double-strand break repair pathway choice

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