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By James Ralph Hanson; et al

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1976,41,3215; formula (7) in this paper should have an ethenyl group at C-3 and not at C-4. K. Kleveland, L. Skattebol, and L. K. Sydnes, Acta Chem. , 1977, B31,463. G. V. Kryshtal, A. Kh. Khusid, V. F. Kucherov, and L. A. Yanovskaya, Izoest. Akad. , Ser. , 1977,709. Y. Kimura, K. Isagawa, and Y. Otsuji, Chem. ktters, 1977, 951. S. N. Merchant, S. C. Sethi, and H. R. Sonawane, Indian J. , 1976,14B, 460. A. L. J. Beckwith, C. L. Bodkin, and T. Duong, Chem. Letters, 1977, 425. 30 Terpenoids and Steroids Other papers of interest in this section report the sequential homogeneous hydrogenation of geraniol to citronellol and tetrahydr~geraniol,~~’ the reduction of citral to citronella1,288 electrolytic reduction of chiral 6-chlor0-2,6-dimethylreduction of 2-geranic acid using a chiral rhodium catalyst preferably to (3S)-(-)-3,7-dimethyloct-6-enoicacid,”* largely unsuccessful attempts at isoprenoid homologation using ~ - m e t h y l c y c l ~ b u t e n e - ~ ~ ~ ~ Prins - ~ n Mformale~,~~~ dehyde reaction on allo-ocimene (cf.

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