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By David Trobisch

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This advisor introduces the advanced new version of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece, 28 variation, explaining its constitution, the text-critical gear and appendices, and the recommendations of the hot version.

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Continent). Different from the list of Greek manuscripts, however, the Latin manuscripts are organized into sections according to their content: Gospels (evangelia), Acts (actus apostolorum), Letters of Paul (corpus Paulinum), Catholic Letters (epistulae catholicae), and Revelation (apokalypsis). As a consequence, a Latin manuscript that contains more than one collection unit will also be listed in more than one section. The manuscripts are named by using lowercase letters and a number. Similar to the Greek manuscripts, the same letter may be used for different manuscripts; only the numbers are exact identifiers.

When comparing the text with the text from other manuscripts, it must be furthermore presumed that an entire line of text has been physically lost. For Romans 16:3 two variants are noted in NA28: Πρισκαν is reproduced in some witnesses as Πρισκιλλαν; and some manuscripts add six words after Χριστω Ιησου; more precisely, six words from Romans 16:5 (και την κατ οικον αυτων εκκλησιαν) are moved to this location. Both apparatus entries are formulated as a so-called “negative apparatus”; that is, the witnesses for the text are not listed, but only the attestation contra textum is offered (56*).

Which writings are missing in manuscript B (→ solution)? b. Appendix I. A: Codices Graeci lists the following: two different manuscripts with the letter D (05, 06), two manuscripts with E (07, 08), three manuscripts with H (013, 014, 015), two with K (017, 018), two with L (019, 020), and two with P (024, 025). Each of these cases uses the same letters for manuscripts that are not related to each other. The manuscript D, for which variants are listed in Acts 1:1, is a different manuscript than manuscript D for which variants are listed in Rom 1:8.

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