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Indeed, it is often hard to tell whether their inscribers spoke Hebrew or Aramaic. 71 This was more or less the extent of the evidence up to 1947. C. D. The number of extant Aramaic texts of a literary nature is not small, even though the fragments of them found in the various Qumran caves may be. Only a few of these texts have been published so far: the Genesis Apocryphon,12 the Prayer of Nabonidus, the Description of the New Jerusalem, the Elect of God text; parts of such texts as the Testament of Levi, Enoch, Pseudo-Daniel, a TargumofJob, and a number of untitled texts to which a number has merely been assigned.

Cf. F. Morison[ = A. H. Ross], And Pilate Said—A New Study of the Roman Procurator (New York: Scribner. 1940); Paul L. Maier, Pontius Pilate (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1968). 2); cf. Tertullian. Apologeticum 21:18. 57); Philo, Embassy to Gaius 38 §299. IltAaroc ην των υπάρχων επίτροπος αποδίδίί~γ μΐνος τής'\ουδαίας. Philo's text may well reflect the shift in title that apparently took place about the time of the emperor Claudius (ca. D. 46). Latin praefectus was usually rendered in Greek as ίτταρχο<>, and procurator as επίτροπος.

D. 106 had become part oiprovincia Arabia. The main part of the text, which is a copy of a receipt given by Babatha to a Jewish guardian of her orphan son, is written in Greek. It is dated to 19 August 132 and acknowledges the payment of six denarii for the boy's food and clothing. The ten lines of Greek text of the receipt are followed by three in Aramaic that summarize the Greek statement. " Though this receipt was found in the southern part of Palestine, it was actually written in Nabatean country, to the southeast of the Dead Sea.

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