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AB is the OL and ODE is the VLE-line. A marks the composition of gas and liq streams at absorber top and B marks those at the absorber bottom. A horizontal from A upto VLE-line and a perpendicular from thereof upto OL complete a triangle with the OL-segment. 1 which brings about a change in liq composition from Xo to Xl and gas composition from Y I to Y 2 . Similarly the ideal stages 2, 3, 4, ...... NT -3, NT -2, NT -1, NT are constructed The nearer the OL to the VLE curve, the more such steps or stages will be required and should the OL touch VLE-line at any point corresponding to a minimum L/Gs ratio, the number of steps will be infinite.

It is the tray on which the average composition of all the gas leaving the tray is in equilibrium with the average composition of all the liq leaving the tray. J o u.. J o ~ V2 ------------~----~ o MOLE RATIO OF SOLUTE IN LIQUID Fig. 1. Multistage Absorber. Fig. 2. Graphical Construction of Theoretical Stages in a Countercurrent Multistage Absorber. 1 presents the schematic illustration of an absorber fitted with NT number of ideal trays. 2. illustrates how the number of ideal trays required to bring about a specified change in composition of the liq and the gas phase can then be determined graphically.

L' h Mols of solute ( Mols of solute - free solvent III lq P ase Fig. 1-1. Countercurrent Absorber. dZ ... m 2 • Pa). Y But, P = 1+ y' P Y A. G s ' dY = A. dZ -hl. P. ( (1+ Y)(1+ Vi) ) . dZ Therefore, the packed bed height Z required to achieve a change in Y from Yb at the bottom to Yt at the top of the bed is given by : Yb z Gs (1+ Y)(I+ Vi) jdZ ... 93) . P y V-Vi j t or, Z =[HTU] i, G' [NTU] i, G ... a. G ,p =height of a transfer unit based on gas film, m Yb [NTU]i,G = f (1+ Y-Yi Y)(I+ Y i ).

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