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By Daniel Douglas Eley, etc.

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Due to the fact 1948, this serial has sought to fill the space among the papers and the textbooks that train the various parts of catalysis examine. This quantity comprises articles at the functions of adsorption microcalorimetry and natural syntheses utilizing aluminosilicates.

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The calculated work function is within 10% of the experimental bulk work function. 2. Carbon Rings and chains of C atoms up to 18 atoms have been examined b y Hoffmann (51). He found chains to be more stable than rings up t o about 10 atoms, and then on rings have better stability. There is an odd-even alternation in the BE/n observed for C clusters. The gap between HOMO and LUMO was found t o diminish with increasing size of the cluster. These properties are similar t o the ones described earlier for Ag clusters.

21. Average charge on Ag atoms adsorbed to (AgBr)B. CNDO-complete neglect of differential overlap. 43 MOLECULAR ORBITAL THEORY Mulliken analysis. Figure 21 shows the average charge o n a silver aggregate in contact with AgBr as a function of size. 65,which corresponds roughly to Ag;. The probabilities of electron or hole capture b y the silver aggregate are also indicated by this figure and were obtained by performing the Mulliken analysis o n the anionic and cationic clusters. The small difference in charge between systems with different net charge indicates that a hole or electron is only partially localized on the added silver cluster.

In the case of adsorption to Cu substrate, which has no unfilled d orbitals, the metal d orbitals do not participate in the bonding to H. All bonding takes place using the metal 4s orbitals. The calculated covalent bond energy is comparable on the Ni and Cu substrate models, so that from the results a distinction between the catalytic properties of the two metals cannot be made. 2. C O o n N i A recent paper by Robertson and Wilmsen (70) has treated the adsorption of CO by EH on an 8-atom planar nickel surface.

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