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By J. Paul Sampley

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During this specified exegesis of Ephesians five: 21-33 Dr Sampley not just elucidates the which means of this tough and traditionally vital passage, yet he additionally discusses and describes the history and resources of the Epistle. particularly he lines the historical past of the traditions integrated in it and demonstrates convincingly that the author of Ephesians drew seriously on yes passages in Genesis and Leviticus. Ephesians could be visible as a mosaic of traditions ingeniously prepared and hired to specific the recent message of the early church. This publication might be of curiosity to all previous and New testomony students.

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2 33 SAT TRADITIONAL MATERIALS IN 5 : 2I~33 together most of his admonitions to the husbands with the concluding clause, 'let each one of you love his wife as himself. This injunction, on the basis of its use of Lev. : (1) the Haustafel admonition to the husbands (v. 25 a); (2) the protracted statement concerning the love due one's wife as one's body or flesh (vv. ); and (3) the quotation of Gen. 2: 24 that provides a further basis for understanding one's wife as oneself (v. 30-1 C. THE HIEROS GAMOS As noted previously, the part of Eph.

Sirach 7: 26: yuvr| croi eoriv KCCTOC yuxr|v; J|LTT| 8K|3&AT)S auTrjv. Translating from the Hebrew MS A, Box and Oesterley print an even more germane line:' Hast thou a wife, abhor her n o t . . ' R. H. Charles, The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament (Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1913), 1, 341. 32 TRADITIONAL MATERIALS IN 5: 2I~33 rather the affirmation or assumption upon which rests the injunction to love neighbor as self. It is, in short, an expansion of the understanding reflected in the cos CTEOCUTOV of Lev.

5: 21-6: 9 than in any other Haustafel in the NT. For example, within the section dealing with the obligations of wives and husbands there is the quotation of Gen. 2 1 Sheer numerical tabulation of words does not in itself establish a full picture of the relationship of Colossians to Ephesians, but it may provide some clarification. Within the Haustafeln of Colossians and Ephesians the least difference, of course, may be seen in the set dealing with slaves and masters: Ephesians has 88 words compared to 75 for Colossians.

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