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By Vít Bojnanský, Agáta Fargasová

The Atlas of Seeds and culmination of relevant and East-European flowers offers approximately 4,800 seed illustrations, supplemented with unique seed descriptions, short plant descriptions, and knowledge at the locality and the local resource of vegetation. The Carpathian plant life coated the following happens not just within the Carpathian Mountains, but additionally in huge lowlands extending in the direction of the south, north and east and contains brought and invading plants of greater than 7,500 species. This e-book is exclusive on counts. Its scope extends to an unheard of variety of diverse plant seeds from a wide-ranging area. furthermore, it provides descriptions in strange element.

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Native to Europe, except the extreme north, often wide-spread in shrubberies, forest borders, riverbanks, from lowlands up 27 CORYLACEAE FAGACEAE 131 133 134 132 136 137 140 139 138 135 FAGACEAE FAGACEAE decorative species, planted in forests and parks in many varieties, in the whole Carpathians. in the upper part, bottom smooth, glabrous, brown.

Cz, Hu, Mo, Sk. 12. JUGLANDACEAE 98. Juglans cinerea L. − Tree, up to 30 m high, with grey, deeply furrowed skin. Fruits nuts, ovoidoblong with 4 prominent and 4 less prominent sharp ridges as well as many broken ridges between, 35-50 x 22-32 mm. Surface deep wrinkly, dull, dark-brown to nigrescent. 2n = 32. Originally growing in eastern North America, suitable for treerows, parks and forests on alluvial moisty grounds, good understock for J. regia; rarely cultivated in warmer areas. Br, Cz, Hu, Mo, Ro, Sk, Uk.

119. Betula lutea Michx. − Tree, up to 30 m high, young twigs tomentose, bark yellowish or silverishgrey. 8 mm. Surface slight lustrous, pale-brown. Native to North America; in the Carpathians rarely cultivated in parks. Br, Mo. 114. , B. , B. wutaica Mayr. − Ornamental tree, up to 20 m high, with reddish to brown bark, loosening in small scales. 1 mm. Surface longitudinal fine furrowed, slight lustrous, brown, wings pale-brown. Native to northeastern Asia, Japan; in the Carpathians rarely cultivated in parks.

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