Family names and their story - download pdf or read online

By Sabine Baring-Gould

The resource of surnames.

summary: The resource of surnames

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But this is not all. Among many primitive peoples exists the belief in reincarnation. After death the soul escapes to the spirit-world, where for a while it leads a flighty and vacuous existence, and then returns to earth into a fruit, a herb, or a fungus. Should a man eat of anyone of these in which is lodged the spirit of the departed, the spirit lies latent in him till his next son is born, when it is reincarnate in the child. Should a beast devour the disguised soul, there is still hope for it if that beast be a wild-pig or a deer; for should a hunter kill it and eat the flesh, he absorbs into his system the ancient soul, which will come to new birth in his next offspring.

Henry XLII. of another line had three sons; each was a Henry. Ofthe junior Reuss line, Henry LXXIII. died in 1855 ; of the elder line, Henry LXIX. was born in 1792; of another branch Henry LXXIV. was born in 1856. In fact, in this family, in all its branches, every son is baptized Henry. Since U62 there have been in the Reuss family over 168 Henrys, and not a single son bearing another Christian name. Surely it must be held that fortune and continuance in the Reuss family depend on its male representatives being every one a Henry.

Baldwin has become Bawden, and Alberic A ubrey. A sire-name may be so altered as to look like a place-name. An example in point is Baynham. As it happens, we know its pedigree. The Heralds' Visitation of Gloucestershire of I623 tells us that Robert ap Einion had a son Robert, who changed ap Einion into Baynham, and settled at Chorewell, in the Forest of Dean. Bedward is not a to-name that looks back to a Lord of a Bedchamber to a King, but derives from Ap-Edward. A great change took place in English Christian names after the Conquest.

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