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By George Punka

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Hungarian Air strength

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Hungarian Air strength

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Ideally they functioned in harmony and offered mutual support; in practice, it was a matter of trial and error, but a spirit of compromise normally reigned. When, for whatever reason, this broke down, it was often the start of a political crisis, in which the 6 –– c h a p t e r 1 : T h e B y z a n t i n e p o l i t i c a l p r o c e s s a t c r i s i s p o i n t –– patriarch might find it necessary to take the initiative. It emphasized that at Byzantium there were two poles of authority. Increasingly the people of Constantinople looked to the patriarch for a lead.

23 I have deliberately chosen an episode which illustrates both the collapse and the recovery of the political process, because, when it was functioning properly, it left relatively little trace in the historical record. Only in times of crisis are its workings more clearly revealed. We see the efforts being made to restore consensus around the imperial office. II The major achievement of Leo III (717–41) was to rescue the imperial office from a profound crisis. When he ascended the Byzantine throne in 717, he was the fifth emperor in little more than ten years.

They do so largely from the outside, exploring the views of those who challenged Orthodoxy from within and without the Byzantine World. ” As Livanos explains, no Byzantine would ever have called himself a pagan, and no exact equivalent to the modern term, derived from the Latin paganus, existed in medieval Greek. Instead, the term “Hellene” was used, at least until the eleventh century, in a pejorative sense. But from the twelfth century those who had used it of others who were not Orthodox claimed it for the Orthodox Greeks, who contrasted themselves with others advancing claims for Roman primacy, the Latins; and still later one finds efforts towards a revival of Hellenism as pagan monotheism, by Plethon.

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